How Can You Maintain Your Teeth Whitening Results?

How Can You Maintain Your Teeth Whitening Results?

Posted by Columbia View Dental on Sep 6 2022, 06:15 AM

Teeth whitening is a safe, effective, and fast way to brighten your smile. With teeth whitening, we’ll use the special bleaching gel to whiten your teeth. This gel is specially formulated to remove stains and brighten your smile.

Professional teeth whitening is widely considered the most effective method of whitening teeth available today. In-office whitening generally takes between 30 minutes and two hours, depending on the method used. This treatment gives patients immediate results.

Teeth whitening is also one of the easiest ways to improve your smile. Once you have undergone teeth whitening, you should notice your smile looks brighter and feels smoother. However, teeth whitening is not permanent, so you may need to touch up your smile every couple of years. There are also some other things you need to look into after this procedure, which include:

Brushing and Flossing

Brushing and flossing your teeth on a regular basis is extremely important in maintaining your teeth whitening results. Plaque and food particles can accumulate on your teeth, causing your teeth to lose their bright color. Make sure to brush your teeth for at least two minutes each time you brush, using an electric toothbrush for the best results. Do floss between your teeth before going to bed to clean areas where the toothbrush cannot reach.

Brushing your teeth at least twice a day and flossing at least once a day can help keep your teeth clean and healthy. It can also help remove plaque and bacteria that can cause your teeth to discolor.

Regular Dental Visits

Regular visits with your dentist can help keep your teeth healthy and bright. In addition to cleanings and exams, your dentist can give you personalized tips on maintaining your bright, white smile.

Avoiding Tobacco and Stain-causing Foods

Maintaining your whitening results means avoiding certain tobacco products and stain-causing foods, which can stain your teeth. The results may not last as long if you consume stain-causing foods or chew tobacco products.

Mouthwash and Topical Treatments

Mouthwash is a liquid that is designed to clean your teeth. It can come in a variety of different strengths and flavors. The ADA recommends choosing a formula that is approved by the American Dental Association. This will ensure it is effective and safe to use.

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